Sunday Brunch was created to provide financial support for cultural, artistic, and socially-charged projects through a system centered around community meals. At these meals, held every other month, grant-seekers who have innovative ideas but lack the necessary funds to implement them will meet patrons who want to support interesting projects. Patrons will pay a fee to share a meal together while listening to grant-seekers present their ideas. After hearing the presentations, they will vote on which projects they want to support. The participation fees will be used to provide grants for the top two vote recipients, who will receive the funding on the spot.

There are many excellent ideas in the world that, while not commercially viable, have the potential to be of great value in our lives and transform society. Through Sunday Brunch, we will offer financial support to these kinds of projects in particular. We also hope to avoid the hierarchical donor-recipient relationship that typifies conventional grant procedures by having many people contribute small amounts of money and choose which projects to support.

This model of direct, small-scale, local support through community meals has spread around the world and produced many variations. Not only are these projects questioning existing support systems within cultural, artistic, and social fields, they are also taking steps toward rebuilding direct democracy and fair economic systems. We hope Sunday Brunch in Kyoto becomes another example of this model in action.

Each Sunday Brunch will feature a delicious, experimental menu created by the Social Kitchen chefs and special guests.